Flat vending paper bags

Paper bag

The flat, or vending, bag is certainly known by everyone for its simple construction, and is used by a relatively broad spectrum of customers.

These bags are most frequently used as:

  • Bags for fast food or fast refreshments
  • Baguette bags for bakeries and supermarkets
  • Pharmacy bags
  • Bags for chickens
  • Bags for kebabs or hamburgers


Technical production options:

Dimensional options:


Width: 70 - 320mm
Length: 170 - 740mm





Other options:

  • PP window as per the customer's requirements, with perforation or without
  • 30 – 70gsm paper
  • Option of lateral storage
  • Option of paper with PE, or coated with aluminium for packing greasy products


Flexo printer:

  • Up to 8 colours
  • Option of printing a picture