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The company AXPEL MADE s.r.o. was founded in 2008 by two partners, who at that time had more than 10 years experience in the area of paper packaging and printing. The company started off very small but began to build its position on the Czech market. Over time the company developed and expanded its operations which thanks to newly arrived employees also began to reach into several European countries. Later our sales even moved beyond the border of Europe and export became significant part of our company's turnover.

Our goal is to co-operate with our customers to create the perfect packaging for their products. For us service, reliability and quality always come first.

Our company's main priorities include excellent communication, quality consulting in the field, and most of all, co-operation on new projects.

Thanks to tried-and-tested and quality suppliers of paper from leading world producers, we're able to guarantee the stable quality of our packaging.

Over the course of our existence, the company AXPEL MADE s.r.o. has become  a strong partner for many small, medium-sized and large companies, and our customers' satisfaction is strengthened by their many years of co-operation with us.


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Perfect packaging for your products

Our goal, in cooperation with our customers, is to create the perfect packaging for their products. Service, reliability and quality always come first.

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Our strengths

The main advantages of our company include excellent communication, quality consultancy in the field and especially cooperation in new projects.

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We guarantee quality

Thanks to proven and quality paper suppliers from leading world producers we are able to guarantee stable quality of our packaging.

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Your satisfaction

During our existence, AXPEL MADE s.r.o. became a strong partner for many small, medium and large companies and the satisfaction of our customers is confirmed by their long-term cooperation with us.




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Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

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Exterior of packaging material manufacturer
Manufacturer of custom paper bags
Supplier of paper bags and packaging

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Interior of AXPEL MADE s.r.o.
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Modern storage facilities of AXPEL MADE company
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