Printing of paper bags, paper sacks, paper sachets and rolls


Roll to roll printing

Even though our company's main speciality are paper sacks and paper bags we also offer printed paper in rolls under interesting conditions. Our modern equipment enables us to print in a very high quality whether it's flexographic or EB offset printing. The high performance of our printers guarantees sufficient production capacity which is why we can supply large customers with printed paper in rolls. We also offer the option of cutting the rolls into smaller widths.

If you're looking for the top quality printed paper in rolls suitable for sugar packaging, spices and other loose materials don't hesitate to send us your order.


Flexographic printing

Print up to 8 colours in HD flexo design with the option of applying flexo gloss. The colours we use for printing are water soluble which means they are not harmful to health and are designed for direct contact with foodstuffs. The quality of the print is guaranteed not just by experienced printers but also by colours and a high paper quality. Modern printing technology enables high control of the quality of the print even at full speed.

Offset printing

Print up to 6 colours using EB (Electron Beam) and 2 roto colours. EB colours are dried by an electron beam which compared to UV drying is more efficient and guarantees zero migration of harmful substances. The EB offset printing technology was developed especially for the food and pharmaceutical industries.