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Paper Shopping Bags

Paper bags wholesale with and without printing, have become a popular type of carrier bags. They are widely used in industrial production, retail chains, fast food, fashion stores and others. We produce paper bags mini to large. More information about the production of paper bags intended not only for wholesalers. The production of paper packaging and bags is our specialty.

Paper bags are ecological because they are made from recycled paper, "kraft" paper or a mix of them. For this reason, they have brown or white colour. In addition, they are also recyclable. Thus, they are environmentally friendly and promote sustainable development.


Bags With Flat Handles

These bags are most frequently used in industry, and fast food outlets for taking food home. Regarding bags for industrial production, they're usually double-layer and are also suitable for high-performance automatic packing lines. The high quality of the bags enables problem-free operation in any production. In the case of packaging for greasy products, paper lined with PE, which provides an excellent barrier against grease, can be used. The flat handle is more pleasant to grip even if the bag's content is heavier, which is why we see it, for example, on bags for animal feed, which can weigh over 10 kg.

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Bags With Twisted Handles​

We mainly come across these bags in fashion shops. We can print the bag for you with a multi-coloured logo, or texts of pictures that characterize its content. Thanks to these paper bags, you will not only provide your customer with an elegant way of carrying the purchased product home, but you will also turn them into a walking advertisement for your brand.

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Recycled Paper Bags With Logo

Recycled paper bags with logo are widely used to promote the company because thanks to this printing, customised paper bags become a walking advertisement for your brand.  These recyclable paper bags are often used to carry purchased products, promotional items or gifts. They have added value for both the company and customers because they build and strengthen brand awareness, and at the same time, they are used for carrying things.


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Paper Wine Bags

Paper wine bags are ideal not only for carrying wine but also for marketing promotion of the company. Therefore, they are a suitable helper for winemakers, wine sellers and companies that use wine bags for gift and advertising purposes. 

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Printed Promotional Paper Bags

Printed promotional paper bags are very popular because they represent the company. They are usually printed with the company logo, slogan or made in corporate colours. Thanks to this, paper bags become a so-called "walking advertisement" for your company.

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