Ecological Paper Bags and Sachets


Ecological Paper Bags and Sachets

Ecological paper bags and sachets are a significant step to promote sustainable development, which has a very positive impact on the environment. They are manufactured from recycled paper and also are further recyclable. For these reasons, they have become a trendy type of carrier bags. They are used in fashion stores, fast food restaurants, retail chains, and industrial production.

With us, you can have eco paper bags and sachets made according to your ideas. For example, you can choose their size, paperweight and, in the case of bags, the type of handles. You can also choose from two types of printing. If you need to protect bags and sachets from grease, we can coat their inner layer with polyethene.


What Makes Our Paper Bags and Sachets Ecological?

  1. Manufacture from recycled paper – we use recycled paper, "kraft" paper, or so-called MIX paper, a compound of "kraft" paper and recycled paper, to produce our paper bags and sachets.
  2. Possibility to use repeatedly – if the paper bags or sachets are not torn or dirty, they can be reused. So instead of buying a new carrier bag or sachet, you can come to the store with your own bag. For example, you can reuse eco paper bags to store pastries. That will not only help protect nature but also help you to save money.
  3. Possibility of further recycling – the paper bags and sachets are recyclable. So as soon as the bag or sachet can no longer be used, it is advisable to throw it away in the blue paper container. That will give the bag an opportunity for a new life.
  4. Relatively short decomposition time – in case of disposal in a container other than the blue one, the paper bags and sachets will be disassembled in about 2 months. Compared to plastic bags and sachets decomposition time, which lasts about 25 years, this is a very noticeable difference.


Technical Possibilities of Production of Eco Paper Bags and Sachets

Individual dimensions and other options vary depending on the type of ecological paper bags or sachets you want.

Dimensional options:

  Paper bags Paper bags
Width: 180 – 450 mm 70 - 450 mm
Length: 220 – 670 mm 170 - 740 mm
Bottom: 80 – 220 mm 40 - 220 mm

Other options for bags include:

  • paperweight (70 gsm - 120 gsm)
  • handle option flat, twisted and cotton
  • gluing the handle from the inside, outside or between two layers of the bag
  • possibility to coat the inner layer of paper with polyethene, which serves as a barrier against grease

Other options for sachets include:

  • paperweight (30 gsm - 130 gsm)
  • single-layer or multi-layer
  • one-inch undercut
  • lateral storage
  • paper perforation
  • coating the inner layer of paper with PE or aluminium for packaging greasy products


Printing of Ecological Paper Bags and Sachets

In addition to the production itself, we also provide high-quality printing, which can also be full-area, i.e., cover the entire area of ​​the recycled bag or sachet. You can also choose the option of painting or laminating.

You can choose from two types of printing:

  • Flexographic – allows printing in up to 8 colours in HD flexo design. It is also possible to apply flexo varnish. The paints are not harmful to health and are suitable for contact with food.
  • Offset – allows printing in up to 6 colours using EB (Electron Beam) inks and 2 roto (gravure) inks. This technology is developed specifically for the pharmaceutical and food industries.


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