Napkin printing


Napkin printing


Easily promote the image of your business to the highest levels with our customised napkins. Ordinary printed paper napkins can establish purpose and theme, but logo napkins are the gold standard for even the most demanding customers.


Custom products are also a way of conveying sincere gratitude and appreciation to the users, and to the host increasing the chances of repeat business for the customer. Our designers are ready to present you with a printed napkin that will make a great impression on your customer.


Branded napkins are perfect for restaurants, café operators, hoteliers, banquet halls, corporate office parties, holiday gatherings and more! We are committed to fulfilling orders on both small and large scales and our impressive product line includes dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, ice cream and appetizer napkins, and hundreds more! All orders are customizable with your slogan and logo.


Our products are designed and manufactured using suitable inking technologies safe from colour bleed. The resulting prints are fastness and safe for human usage. We stand behind every product we sell to not only survive its stated usage but to also be harmless in its composition.


When printing our napkins, we use the following Flexographic Printing Methods:

  • The ability to print up to 4 colours in HD resolution guaranteeing their performance
  • All colours are water-soluble further promoting toxin-free napkins
  • Special colour shades are also available for printing   


Our design prints orders are quick and high quality. Prints are available in the following sizes:

Classic Cellulose:

  • 24x24 (1 to 3 layers)
  • 33x33 (1 to 3 layers)
  • 40x40 (2 to 3 layers)


Material Airlaid (our more luxurious version):

  • 33x40 (1 layer)
  • 40x40 (1 layer)


Additional options:

  • Available colours: white, grey, red, orange, green, blue, black, brown, etc.
  • Full-surface printing available on one side
  • The option to have a prefabricated pocket for cutlery
  • Stock 1/4 or 1/8


If you are looking for branded napkins for your business, please contact us and together we will create a beautiful and impacting presentation that exceeds your requirements.