Open Mouth Sacks


Open Mouth Sacks

At present, the paper sack belongs among the most frequently used packaging for most loose materials. This packaging gained its popularity mainly thanks to its excellent strength parameters and its wide range of uses. Indisputably, the greatest advantage of the paper sack is the fact that it does not unnecessarily burden the environment, and protects consumers' wallets against high fees for the liquidation of packaging waste. Thanks to the top quality and strength of the material used, two layers of paper are sufficient in the vast majority of cases – even for 50kg of product.

Open Mouth Paper Sacks

This type of sack, with an open neck construction, is generally well-known and offers truly universal options of use due to its easy filling, without the need for major investments in expensive filling stations. Its applications are found in the food industry,construction, agriculture, the chemical industry, medicine production and in many other fields. We will adapt the composition and dimensions of the sacks according to your requirements, so that everything functions correctly.

This packaging is most frequently used as:

  • Paper sacks for foodstuffs (flour and mixtures for bakers,sugar, legumes, rice, semi-finished products in loose form, and others)
  • The paper sack with an LDPE lining is used as a unique form of packaging for powdered milk, protein powder and various pre-mixtures
  • Paper sacks for feed material, grain, bran and other commodities
  • Paper sacks for building chemicals and other loose materials
  • Paper sacks for chemicals, medicines and herbs
  • The paper sack is a very convenient form of packaging for raw materials and semi-finished products for production from plastic and rubber
  • This packaging will also solve the packing of waste, and lots of other material and goods


Technical Design Options


Width: from 28 to 74 cm
Length: from 30 to 140 cm
Height of bottom: from 9 to 22 cm

* the stated dimensions describe production standards. If you have a different requirement, don't hesitate to call us!

Other options:

  • Print of 10 colours
  • ANTI-SLIP surface
  • Option of handle on the bottom
  • LDPE lining in contact with the product
  • HDPE lining between layers or in contact with the product
  • option of a sewn bottom
  • option of an under-lined bottom