Paper Bags Wholesale


Paper Bags Wholesale

We make paper bags intended for wholesalers or retailers. Paper bags can be used not only in retail chains, but also in companies or industrial production. If you have a company in the food industry or in pharmaceutical industry, you can order paper bags from us, because we have the necessary certification for these industries as well.

We make custom made paper bags from recycled paper, they can be brown or white. You can choose a specific size of a bag, paper weight from 70 gsm to 120 gsm, type of print or you can protect your bag from grease and coat it on the inside with polyethylene. If you do not know which type of paper bag to choose, do not be afraid of contacting us, we will help you choose the right type.

Printed promotional paper bags represent the company in the public. They often have company logo, its slogan or they are made in the colours of the company. As a result, paper bags can become the so-called "walking advertisement" of your company. We will supply paper bags for your wholesale according to your ideas.

Our contractual partners will deliver the order of paper bags for your wholesale, retail or company directly to your firm.



Paper bag handles

We offer three types of paper bag holders, you can choose:

  • Flat handle - this handle is suitable for bags earmarked to carry heavier items, such as shopping from a supermarket.
  • Twisted handle - this handle looks elegant, it is mainly used for bags in fashion stores.
  • Cotton handle - this handle creates very luxurious impression, bags with this handle can be used for expensive and unique goods.


Printing of paper bags

Our modern equipment enables us to print in a very high quality.

We offer these types of printing:

  • Offset printing - this type of printing is suitable for luxury paper bags. We use gravure inks and Electro Beam inks. We print using EB inks, which are suitable for paper bags intended for the food industry.
  • Flexographic printing - this type of printing has possibility of printing in up to eight colours. We guarantee quality not only because we have experienced employees, but also we use high quality paper.

Because our production is very busy, we accept orders for printing paper bags from at least 10,000 pieces, that is one pallet of goods.


Why advertising paper bags from us?

  • You will have a bag according to your ideas - we will handle your various requirements with using the latest technologies. As we mentioned before, you can choose from different sizes, types of handles, colours or printing.
  • We are environmentally friendly - we make paper bags from recycled materials, so it is also possible to recycle them further. A paper bag decomposes much faster than a plastic one.
  • Our bag will promote your brand - a paper bag serves as an elegant and casual promotion of your brand.
  • Paper bags create a luxurious impression – our bags will create a value to your products and be visually attractive to your customers. The paper bag simply looks good.
  • High load capacity of our bags - although it does not seem so, paper bags have a high load capacity, some even 10 kg. Bags with flat handle are very comfortable for the heavy items and easy to carry.
  • We supply to the Czech Republic, but also abroad - we produce paper bags for wholesalers, retailers and other companies not only in the Czech Republic, but all over the world.
  • We will deliver your order directly to your firm - your paper bags will be delivered to you wherever you want.

Are you interested in our offer? Contact us and order paper bags for your business.