Paper Bags With a Cross Bottom


Paper Bags With a Cross Bottom

Paper bags with a cross bottom are another type of packaging material that we produce. These bags are characterized by having a bottom formed by the lower cross-tab. We also make paper bags with a rectangular bottom and flat vending paper bags in addition to this type of bags.

Compared to plastic bags, paper bags are much more environmentally friendly, as we use renewable raw materials for their production, mainly "kraft" paper or recycled paper. Besides, these renewable raw materials can be further recycled. It is thus an ecological and degradable packaging material.

Most common use:

  • Paper bags for food (popcorn, candy, grains, pastries, fruits, vegetables, snacks, etc.)
  • Paper bags for tea
  • Paper bags for herbs
  • Paper bags for wrapping small items
  • Paper bags for dog excrement 


Technical Possibilities of Production of Paper Bags

Dimensional options:

a) Width: 70 - 450 mm
b) Length: 170 - 740 mm
c) Bottom: 50 - 220 mm

Other options:

We make customized cross-bottomed paper bags based on your preferences. In addition to the width and length of the bags, it is possible to choose from the following other options:

  • Paperweight selection (30 - 70 gsm)
  • Add PP window
  • Possibility of perforation
  • Possibility of internal spraying with PE (polythene) or aluminium coating for packaging of greasy products


Printing of Paper Bags With a Cross Bottom

We also offer printing of paper bags. Thanks to modern equipment and high-performance printers, we can guarantee the high print quality, which can be full-area, i.e., from edge to edge

To print cross-bottomed paper bags, we use flexographic printing with the option of printing up to 8 colours with high resolution. We can print any image for you.