Paper packaging for food – paper food wrapping


Paper packaging for food – paper food wrapping

Paper packaging for food or paper food wrapping is an important part of the food industry. Restaurants and deliveries don't without paper bags, sachets and other packaging even get hit. In recent years, takeaway packaging has been very popular not only from an ecological point of view but also because it looks good.

In our offer, you will find food delivery paper bags and paper sachets, which are great for delivery from the restaurant. Paper shopping bags can be brown or white and you can choose a specific size, weight, type of handle or your own print.

Do you need paper packaging for food such as french fries, burgers, kebabs or other fast food? With us, you can choose from a large number of options for food delivery bags and sachets. We have all the necessary certifications for the food industry, so you can order paper gastro packaging from us.


Why paper shopping bags and sachets from us?

  • We will make tailor-made paper shopping bags and sachets for you. You can choose their size, weight, type of handle and so on.
  • Thanks to our paper packaging, your restaurant will be ecological and, in addition, paper bags and sachets look good.
  • We have the necessary food certification, so our paper packaging can be used as gastro packaging.
  • Thanks to our printing, your paper food packaging will be a "walking advertisement" for your company. Everyone will immediately know that people bring food from your restaurant.
  • Our paper shopping bags have a high load capacity, some up to 10 kg. So they can fit not only lunch but also dinner.
  • We will deliver bags to the Czech Republic, but also abroad.
  • We will deliver the order to your company or restaurant.


Technical possibilities of paper packaging for food

Paper shopping bags can vary in weight from 70 gsm to 120 gsm and we offer three types of paper bag holders to choose from:

Flat handle – this handle is suitable for bags where you expect to carry heavier items, so they are ideal for food.

Twisted handle – this type of grip looks very aesthetically pleasing, but is used more in fashion stores.

Cotton handle – this handle creates a very luxurious impression, it is most often used for a unique assortment of goods.

We also offer several types of paper bags and sachets such as rectangular bottom bags, flat merchant bags or cross-bottom paper bags. All types of these bags are suitable for gastro packaging.

Printing of paper gastro packaging

For printing paper shopping bags we use the latest technology and high-performance printers. Your bag will be a "walking advertisement" for your restaurant.

We offer two types of printing:

Offset – this type of printing is suitable for luxury paper shopping bags, we use gravure inks and Electron Beam inks, these inks are suitable for the food industry. We, therefore, recommend this type of printing when used in gastronomy.

Flexographic – this type of printing offers printing in up to eight colours. It is suitable for paper bags, which are not used in the food industry.

We accept orders for printing paper shopping bags from at least 10,000 pieces because our production is very busy.

Are you interested in our offer? Contact us and order paper bags for your restaurant.