Paper Wine Bags

Paper Wine Bags

Paper wine bags are ideal not only for carrying wine but also for marketing promotion of the company. Therefore, they are a suitable helper for winemakers, wine sellers and companies that use wine bags for gift and advertising purposes.

Recycled paper bags can be used as:

  • paper wine bags
  • paper champagne bags
  • paper bags for spirits
  • paper beer bags
  • paper bags for plum brandy
  • paper bags for other bottled specialities


Why Paper Wine Bags From Us?

  1. Protects nature for the production of paper bags, we use either only recycled paper or the so-called paper MIX, consisting of "kraft" paper and recycled paper. The bags are therefore made of recycled paper, which can be further recycled. Besides, they can be used repeatedly thanks to their high quality.
  2. Plenty of options we produce bags tailored precisely to your ideas. You can choose their size, paperweight and type of handle. We also offer the possibility of printing, laminating or varnishing. 
  3. Brand promotion we can print your bags with your company's logo, making them a walking advertisement for your brand, which helps build and strengthen brand awareness. 
  4. Elegance we also produce luxury laminated bags with a cotton handle, which are ideal for gift and marketing purposes.


Paper Bag Handle Types

The cotton handle is usually used for gift and marketing purposes because they support the luxurious look of paper wine bags.

The twisted handle is most often used for carrying bags because it is a cheaper mounting alternative.

It is also possible to choose flat handles; however, this type of handle is not very popular with wine bags.


Printing of Paper Wine Bags

We also print bags; you can choose from two types of printing, namely flexographic printing and offset printing. Thanks to our modern high-performance printers, we can guarantee you high print quality. Printing can also be full-area. We also offer the possibility of lamination or painting.


Minimum Order

We produce paper wine bags with a print from 10 000 pieces due to the busy production process.