Production of Paper Bags


Production of Paper Bags

Recycled paper bags have become a popular type of carrier bags. They are widely used in industrial production, retail chains, fast food, fashion stores and others.

We can make ecological paper bags exactly according to your ideas. You can choose their dimensions, paper weight and handle type. You can also choose from two types of printing. If you need to prevent grease, you can have the inner layer of the bag coated with polyethene.

Paper bags are most often used as:

  • food bags
  • paper bags for popcorn
  • paper bags for sweets
  • paper lunch bags
  • paper wine bags
  • paper shopping bags
  • paper bags for fashion goods


Why Paper Bags?

  1. Protects nature for the production of paper bags, we use either already recycled paper or so-called MIX paper, made of "kraft" paper and recycled paper. So we use renewable raw materials for the production of paper bags, which can be further recycled, which is why they are much more environmentally friendly than plastic bags.
  2. High carrying capacity we produce bags from high paper weight, and we offer several types of handles, which guarantees the carrying capacity of the bags over 10 kg.
  3. Lots of options we produce quality paper bags precisely according to your requirements. You can choose everything from the bags' size and weight, the type of handle, and lamination to printing.
  4. Advertisement you can let the bags printed with your logo, which will promote your brand. Paper bags with the logo attract the attention of many passers-by.
  5. Elegance we also produce luxury paper bags with cotton handles, which customers will be happy to show.


Paper Bag Handle Types

We offer the following 3 types of handles:

  • Flat paper bags with flat are most often used in industrial production, as this handle is more pleasant to grip even with heavier bag contents.  
  • Twisted paper bags with twisted handle are used mainly in fashion stores.
  • Cotton paper bags with a cotton handle are mainly used for luxury goods such as jewellery or watches. The cotton handles hold well without cutting and give the bag a luxury look.

Technical Possibilities of Production of Paper Bags

Dimensional options:

Width: 180 - 450 mm
Length: 220 - 670 mm
Bottom: 80 - 220 mm

 Other options:

  • paperweight 70 gsm - 120 gsm/li>
  • gluing the handle from inside, outside or in the case of double-layer bags between the layers
  • coating the inner layers of the bag with polythene to prevent a grease

Minimum Order

We produce paper bags without printing from 5,000 pieces and bags with printing from 10,000 pieces due to the busy production process.


The Most Used Dimensions and Uses

The most wanted bags are:

"Lunch bags"

most often used for taking and delivering food from restaurants (take away). These are usually brown or white paper bags made of "kraft" paper with flat handles. The most commonly used dimensions are:

  • 32+22x24
  • 26+17x25
  • 32+17x27

"Grocery bags"

most often used to carry purchases from stores. These are usually brown or white paper bags with flat handles. The most used dimensions are:

  • 32+16x39
  • 32+16x44
  • 32+12x40


Printing of Paper Bags

Thanks to modern equipment and high-performance printers, we can guarantee the high print quality, which can be full-area, i.e., edge to edge. We also offer the possibility of varnishing or laminating. We print paper bags from a minimum order of 10,000 pieces.

You can choose from two types of printing:

  • Flexographic printing printing up to 8 colours in HD resolution. We also offer the possibility of applying flexo varnish.
  • Offset printing printing up to 6 EB (Electron Beam) inks and 2 roto (gravure) inks. This print is specially developed for the food and pharmaceutical industries.