Natural shopping bags – sustainable ecological packaging


Natural shopping bags – sustainable ecological packaging

Are you tired of ubiquitous plastics? If you are looking for a bag that will proudly represent your brand and at the same time be environmentally friendly, then is a natural shopping bag from paper the right solution.

We make sure that our packaging is as possible ecological and serve your customers for as long as possible. Thanks to its lightness, compactness, but also high load capacity, paper is still one of the most sought-after materials.

The big advantage of the paper packages is the speed of their decomposition. While paper decomposes in nature after only 5 months, plastic bags take up to twenty-five years to decompose.

During decomposition, plastics break down into microparticles, which pollute the soil and water environment and endanger animals. In addition, plastic production is dependent on oil, the resources of which are not infinite.


Why say yes to paper?

  • It's easily recyclable and decomposable
  • It's made from renewable sources
  • It's strong and durable
  • It's attractive to customers
  • It has a low carbon footprint
  • It's affordable

Paper shopping bags for wholesalers and retailers we produce from high-quality paper. We use paper produced within Europe and mainly from European wood, so it has a lower carbon footprint.

We use recycled paper, kraft paper or a mix of them in production, which is why bags have a characteristic brown or white colour. Once used, they are recyclable, so they will be reused to make other products. Not a bit will be wasted!

In addition to the classic flat handles, your shopping bag can have twisted handles or a cotton handle. This will add luxury to your natural shopping bag. It suits the most, for example, paper wine bags or bags for fashion goods. We will design a natural shopping bag for you, even in terms of size and weight.

You can choose from two types of prints. It's up to you whether it will decorate your bag with your company logo or leave it in a decent unprinted version. Are you interested in more? Read about the production of paper bags.

We will care when choosing the ideal bag for your products. The satisfaction of you and your customers comes first for us. Contact us and together we will design a natural shopping bag from paper that will be a joy to carry!