Paper packaging and paper bags production


Paper packaging and paper bags production

The production of paper packaging is our speciality. We are a manufacturer of paper bagspaper sacks and paper shopping bags. We produce paper packaging for wholesalers and retailers. Our products from brown or white paper are used both in retail chains and in companies, in food imports, and industrial production. You can use our paper packaging without worries in the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry because we have the necessary certification for these industries.

We are experts in the paper packaging industry, our company was founded in 2008, but we have worked with paper much earlier. Our company has been based in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí for several years and our premises meet the strictest standards. We believe that all customers, even the most demanding ones, are satisfied with our paper bags, packaging, and other products.

Our mission is to supply paper packaging for wholesalers of the best quality. Do you have any special wishes? Contact us and we will help you with the selection of paper packaging.

In our offer, you will find various types of paper packaging

  • Paper bags with flat and twisted handle
  • Rectangular-bottom paper bags and merchant bags
  • Paper bags with window and cross bottom
  • Paper bags open and with valve


10 reasons to choose paper packaging right here

  1. We are experts in the field.
  2. We will produce paper packaging according to your ideas.
  3. Our paper packaging is eco-friendly.
  4. You can choose from various designs for paper bags.
  5. You can use our paper packaging in the food industry.
  6. Paper shopping bags have a high load capacity and are also stylish.
  7. We deliver paper packaging to the Czech Republic but also abroad.
  8. Our paper packaging will perfectly represent your brand.
  9. We offer quality printing of all our paper packaging.
  10. You can rely on our products 100%.


We make paper shopping bags with different handles and also for various uses

Paper bags are currently used almost daily. Not only are they a great ecological solution, but they are also very aesthetic and minimalist. Last but not least, they work as a walking advertisement for your shop or e-shop.

We offer several types of paper bags such as paper bags with flat handles which are characterized by their high load capacity. They are most often used to deliver food or groceries and, thanks to the flat handle, they fit perfectly in the hand.

Paper bags with twisted handles are a more elegant version of our paper bag and, thanks to the twisted handle, they are mainly used in fashion stores or other similar chains.

We also produce luxury paper bags with a cotton handle, these are designed mainly for luxury goods, because they are very representative.

Do you sell liquid goods? There is also something for you in our assortment. We produce paper wine bags which are used to carry bottles of all kinds.


Paper bags manufacturing is our specialty 

Do you need paper bags for pastries or other goods in your store? In our offer of paper packaging, you will choose the right paper bag or sack.

Paper bags with a rectangular bottom are very popular among our customers, they are very aesthetic at first glance, and also ecological. They can be used to pack rice, flour, or even spices. They are therefore mostly used for packaging loose mixtures.

Flat vending paper bags are suitable, for example, for packaging pastries or various fast food from chickens to burgers. We offer this type of sack with or without a window. We can also coat the paper with an anti-grease layer.

Paper bags with a cross bottom are typical with their cross-bookmark. They are suitable for food, herbs, smaller objects, or dog excrement.


We also produce paper sacks

In our offer you will find two types of paper bags, we offer open mouth sacks, which are used on a large number of bulk materials including feed or various building materials.

Another kind is the valve sack, which is very strong and durable. At the same time, they do not burden the environment as much and their carrying capacity is around 50 kg. They are therefore suitable for various building materials.


Printing of paper packaging

All our packaging materials can be printed with high-quality printing. Our printers are taken care of by experienced printers who know what and how, so your paper packaging material is in good hands. In our company we use two types of printing, namely flexographic printing and offset printing.

  • Flexographic printing is specific in that these inks are water-soluble, so they are not harmful to health. Flexographic printing allows us to print in up to 8 colours and we also have the option of applying flexo varnish to your selected paper packaging.
  • Offset printing excels in that it is intended primarily for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Thanks to Electron Beam (EB) inks, our paper packaging is not harmful to health, as the inks are dried using an electron beam, which ensures that no harmful substances escape from the print. Offset printing can print in up to 6 colours.


Are you interested in our offer? Contact us and order paper bags for your business.